Eureka has moved! We are now located at 1355 Beacon St (on the same block). Drop by to check out the new space and say hi! Current hours: 10am-6pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 10-7pm, Sunday 11-6pm.  Our new jigsaw puzzle press is now working! We now make custom jigsaw puzzles in the store!

D&D Sign Ups are now live!!!


Eureka Entertainment

Eureka! has been providing entertainment at Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, holiday parties, and celebrations for over nine years.! brings a team of experienced game leaders, giant games, and mechanical puzzles that work across ages and genders to events.



The games are not the games you grew up with – like monopoly or scrabble - but rather are games that can learned quickly, have deep strategy, and are enjoyed by adults as well as children…and frequently by both at the same time!





The mechanical puzzles we bring are a hit with everyone!

Many have been made for use exclusively at our events and are not found anywhere else. 


Eureka! has perfected the art of just-in-time instruction so guests are able to play and enjoy the games instantly.


Some guests tend to initially focus on the mechanical puzzles, others go straight for the games.   After a while, everyone winds up playing with each other!   

You get to enjoy your company in a relaxed, engaging atmosphere where everyone is just having a great time.


In addition to the basic game and puzzle play, we provide a variety of options to truly provide your guests with an extraordinary party.

We can customize and operate a challenge consisting of a series of logic, construction, observation, dexterity games for one or multiple players.

We offer a number of circus skill workshops, such as juggling or tight-wire balancing.


We can provide customized prizes or party favors which augment your theme.









Setting up and running a game party is not something that everyone has experience with. So, we have added a number of critical services to insure the success of your event.  We can help plan your party from developing a floor plan to running the event as your emcee.

When it comes to music, we have a number of options.   We work well with other DJ's, where coordinate game play to make sure there is a group for group dances and activities.  However, if you are not primarily interested in a dance party, then we are an excellent choice to handle the music as well.  

We bring a professional sound system with an extensive music library.  

Our music selection provides a very enjoyable ambiance which encourages conversation, game play, and engagement between your guests.  

We work with you to refine the play lists, and incorporate your favorite selections where desired.  We frequently lead a hora set for celebratory dancing.   

Our music will not drive anybody away, and we are regularly complimented on the artists represented.  

We customize each event for your enjoyment and audience – whether you are celebrating a life-cycle event, looking for team building or social games to help break the ice, or interested in something different for a holiday party. We have done all of these and more.

A Eureka On the Spot event is an extraordinary experience for you and your guests. You get to enjoy your guests in an engaging atmosphere where your fun is our number one priority.

Please call us at 617-738-7352 to talk with us about your party today!