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Eureka Presents

Eureka presents is a periodic series of talks which highlight topics of interest to Eureka’s community.  Noted authors, game designers, and mechanical puzzle creators have presented their works in an exciting evening of discussion and play.

Past Eureka Presents Series includes numerous workshops by Dennis Sucilsky, Chief designer and Co-Owner at Tucker Jones House, maker of the world famous Tavern Puzzles; Celebration of Mind, the annual tribute to Martin Gardner which includes an evening of workshops and explorations of the interplay between science, mathematics, and mechanical puzzles;  An in-depth behind the scenes look look at the design process by David Pitcher,  a celebrated twisty puzzle creator.

Information about upcoming events can be found in the Eureka calendar and is included in Eureka’s newsletter.  To receive notification about future events and sign up for our newsletter, please click here.

David Pitcher surrounded by some of his creations.