Eureka has moved! We are now located at 1355 Beacon St (on the same block). Drop by to check out the new space and say hi! Current hours: 10am-6pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 10-7pm, Sunday 11-6pm.  Our new jigsaw puzzle press is now working! We now make custom jigsaw puzzles in the store!



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Eureka! Puzzles & Games

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Eureka! is a store overflowing with treasures ranging from artful jigsaws to diabolical mindbenders, clever games, to the ancient art of Japanese puzzle boxes. 

Our goal is to provide a collection of items which stimulates the mind, is playful to the spirit, and has lasting value. 

About Us

Please join us in welcoming Some of eureka’s most recent hire’s!

Sheridan M: A new hire that brings us an entirely new offering: Dungeons and Dragons After School! Sheridan brought a love and passion for Dungeons and Dragons when she joined the team, and has helped to make this new event possible! She now helps to run not only those games, but our On The Spot event planning! You may also see her in store, giving excellent firsthand board and card game recommendations!


Sarah Leschinsky: Sarah has a BFA in Sculpture from Maine College of Art and following that many years of retail under her belt. Sarah has returned to Eureka and taken over as principal buyer for the store. She works hard to keep the store looking fresh and exciting to customers of all ages. She is a key part of keeping the store running, and when you see a product you love, its because Sarah spent her time making sure we had the most unique and interesting products available! Sarah welcomes feedback on product, customer service, and store organization.


Carolyn V: One of our newest employees, Carolyn brings energy to every recomendation she gives as a retail staff member! She truly loves the games we carry, and when she recommends one, its often one she hopes to play herself! She especially is fond of party games, and complex strategy games like Root. Her experience as a teacher also makes her a great person to ask when shopping for the younger puzzlers in your life!


Caleb C: Our resident mechanical puzzle expert, Caleb knows a ridiculous amount not only about specific puzzles, but the way they work, and how to work through them! This is because Caleb is a puzzle creator all his own, with fiendishly difficult mechanical puzzles that he enjoys stumping the staff and customers with. He is also in charge of cutting our custom puzzles, so when you recieve a beautiful custom puzzle, you know who to thank!


Dan M: Dan is a longtime employee, and one of our biggest jigsaw enthusiasts! While he knows the whole store well, he truly shines in helping you to find the right puzzle for your day in! He also helps with all of our graphic work and photography! 


Rafi B: An employee of over 10 years, Rafi is the man to ask about all our events! He has helped run numerous Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, and even a few weddings! He goes above and beyond to make sure that when you hire us, you get an experience that you won't want to end! He helped to design and build escape rooms, mini golf courses, and even some games just for you, so that you'll always have something new and exciting!









Some of the merchandise here will help you understand how things work, from tiny items that you need a microscope to see to games about politics or history which can provide extraordinary insights.  We have items that will confound you, perplex you, delight you, and some which, even when you see them, you are not sure can exist! 

We have over 1000 jigsaw puzzles, over 1000 mechanical puzzles, 1500 games, 1000 puzzle books of all types, and about 500 items directly related to Science.   

Our games span ages and game genres.   We have an extensive collection of Euro Games (such as Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne),   Abstract strategy games (such as Chess, Go, or Blokus), children's games (such as Rat-tat-cat or Zimbos) and many family and group games.

We host regular game nights where we teach the latest games on the market, operate a game camp during school vacations, and even bring our games and puzzles to you with our On the Spot service. 

We pride ourselves on helping customers find the right items to fit their needs. We are happy to help either over the phone (617-738-7352) or in person.