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Celebration of the Mind
Thursday October 23rd
Brookline Senior Center

The Celebration of Mind is a massive simultaneous puzzle event held around the world on the birthday of Martin Gardner. This is the largest event dedicated to puzzles - from mechanical devices to crosswords and sudoku to logical riddles - in the world, and was founded to honor Martin Gardner's many contributions to making puzzle-solving popular and accessible to millions of fans around the world.

Eureka has been a co-host of the celebration of Mind here in Brookline since it began!

The Celebration of Mind in Brookline will be held at the Brookline Senior Center, 93 Winchester Street, on October 23. The Reception begins at 7:00 and goes on until 9:00, so join us and a host of other puzzle enthusiasts for an evening of mind-bending fun and relaxation!

This event is for a mature audience featuring seminars and discussions in addition to free circulation and play.

Please let us know if you would like to make a presentation at this event.


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